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964 Little S Hackamore

Sku: 964

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While this little bit might not look like there’s much to it, it works wonders on a horse that has natural rate and prefers going bitless. How can it be so effective? Known as a Stage B bit, it’s ideal when you transition to neck reining, ride an older horse that neck reins well with light signals, or if you’re a heavy-handed rider. It’s a snap to add to your favorite headstall and adjust the included curb chain to your level of responsiveness. Each cheek is shaped by hand and closely inspected for uniformity to ensure your signals are easily felt and understood. While this bit will last so you can pass it to future generations, we recommend you start today and ride this bit through endless seasons of heat, snow, and muddy arenas.


• When you want a good deal of lift and lots of flex
• You don’t need a lot of whoa
• A horse that fidgets with the bit mouthpiece or doesn’t accept a mouthpiece
• Average size horse with 6” cheeks and 10” nose


• It’s our most loved barrel racing bit in competition, slow work, and training
• Made of solid steel to last for generations
• The LIFETIME warranty


• Applies pressure to the nose, jaw, and poll when pressure is applied to reins
• Curb chain tightness allows for the customization of pressure
• A looser chain can apply little to no pressure-reducing signaling to only the nose and poll
• A tighter chain can focus pressure on the jaw
• Start loose and increase tightness for additional control or increased signaling
• The waxed rope nose starts rigid and softens over time, so you may add vet wrap or mule tape to the rope nose until it fully breaks in to reduce severity. This is optional, especially if you’re a heavy-handed rider.


• Features a stabilizer cable that attaches the two cheeks at the rein ring to keep the cheeks from separating beyond the ideal position
• Curb chain is adjusted large and is intended to be adjusted to fit on your first ride
• All leverage bits should be used with a curb chain to function properly. Without a curb chain, a shanked bit can rotate back toward the rider. Curb chains should stop the shank's rotation at approximately 45 degrees.
• Cheeks are made of medical-grade stainless steel to prevent rusting and guarantee longevity
• Each bit is closely inspected by a team of expert craftsmen who pride themselves on the quality of their workmanship


• LIFETIME – that’s right, we mean it
• If at any point your bit is showing damage, call our customer service team to receive a prompt repair


• Store indoors or in a tack room
• Wipe or brush off debris after each use
• Check your bit before each use for wear

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