Made in the USA

Made in USAFor 30 years, Tucker has dedicated themselves to the development, design, and manufacturing of trail saddles that would provide the ultimate in comfort for both rider and horse. Tucker Trail Saddles are the standard in quality and style for trail riders throughout the world.

Commitment To Excellence

As the market leader we are constantly researching, developing, and implementing the latest in design and technique to provide you with the best possible trail saddles available. Our philosophy is to disregard tradition any time that the end product can be improved. With this in mind, in 2007 we proudly introduced the GEN II Trail Saddles – the Next Generation of Ultimate Trail Comfort. New for 2009 are an even bigger selection of trail saddles with GEN II styles. Tucker’s team of experienced saddle makers are dedicated to the ancient art of saddle making. These craftsmen are committed to preserving the tradition and progressing the technology of saddle mastership.

Quality Materials

No shortcuts are taken when selecting new materials for our saddles. We use world-class leather, hardware and trees that are specially made to our specifications and guidelines from the finest tanneries and hardware manufacturers available. The Tucker trademark is a symbol of quality.
Our saddle leather is durable yet supple, with a beautiful, rich appearance. Natural range marks enhance the quality and provide the assurance of genuine top grain leather. We use hardware that will resist rust and corrosion because saddle hardware is subjected to sweat, rain, stress and other abuses. Our trees are made of wood and covered in DURAhide™. They are designed to fit the horse properly and provide ample strength while being as lightweight as possible.

Master Craftsmanship

When you visit Tucker’s saddle shop, you will find a dedicated group of saddle craftsmen; a team that is committed to preserving the ancient art of saddle making and progressing the technology of equine mastership.

Innovative Design

Tucker Saddlery’s skilled craftsmen are consumer focused in their approach to saddle design. By combining generations of horse knowledge and over 80 years of saddle making experience, our craftsmen have designed a series of saddles that are specifically crafted to meet the needs of both the horse and rider.

Superior Comfort

Durahide™ Tree
Diagram of Tucker’s Gel-Cush™ Shock Absorbing Seat (Patented)
Shock Absorbing Base
Foam Padding
Seat Leather

What is the secret of a good fitting saddle?

The answer is simple, a good fitting tree. That might sound over simplified, but the fact is that the tree is simply the key to a saddle that fits properly. Click here for info on Measuring your Horse.

What is required for this to be successful?

  1. A saddle tree with bars that have enough twist and bend to contact the horse along the middle section. Our trees are designed with years of combined experience and study. The trees are carved out of an extra large piece of wood, so the twist and bend are adequate to provide continual surface contact through the middle section of the horse which disperses the rider’s weight evenly.
  2. A saddle tree with bars that have enough flare to free the horse to move in the front and rear. With our saddle tree we accomplish both of these objectives. Tucker saddles are designed with a bar flare to to accommodate the motion of a horse’s shoulders. Many gaited breeds need this accommodation and other breeds will appreciate this freedom of movement as well.