These riders choose the Tucker brand for the comfort, durability, and fit for horse and rider. They use our saddles everyday, ride thousands of miles per year, and contribute to research and development. They are the ambassadors of the Tucker brand.

Gillian Larson is the youngest woman to ever solo thru-ride the Pacific Crest Trail. She has twice completed the 2,650 miles of the PCT alone on horseback with the same AQHA mare, Shyla. She continues to seek equestrian wilderness adventures throughout the U.S. in her Tucker saddle, and April 12th began a new thru-ride on the Arizona Trail. It began at the Mexican border and spans the length of the state to cross the Grand Canyon and end in Utah. She now rides Shyla’s son, Takoda, and a new mule named Karlee.

“Wherever my horse and I go, Tucker takes me there!” – Gillian Larson

You can see Gillian’s latest trail thru-ride and followe her blog at or follow her @thru-rider feed on Instagram.

For Bernice, long riding is not a job or a hobby, it is her life and her passion. Unlike other long riders that have undertaken a ride as a once-in-a-lifetime thing, Bernice has been long riding since 2005, with more than 28,000 miles! Bernice has ridden more than 10,000 miles in a single Tucker saddle and ridden more than 20,000 miles in a Tucker.

“Here I am at the end of 10,000 miles and I want another Tucker saddle. It’s light durable and beautiful. I hope it’s on Essie for another 10,000 miles. It’s my chair, it’s my bed, it’s an intimate part of my life. It takes abuse. If I can take the abuse of long riding, it can take the abuse of weekend rides.” – Bernice Ende

To learn more about Bernice Ende and follow her travels, visit her website at

Brad Harter, retired Wilderness Horsemanship Professor, Videographer, Photographer, Field Trial Judge – a seasoned horseman with years of trail experience.

“Since I first started riding in my Tucker saddle, I’ve spent more hours in the saddle than I ever have and I’m liking it more each ride. I have yet to find a horse it does not fit well.” – Brad Harter

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