Can I purchase a Tucker saddle that will fit my horse?

Our years of research combined with our state-of-the art computer imaging have allowed us to produce precision saddle trees that provide unrestricted movement and a comfortable fit for horses of all breeds. Our research has led us to develop extended fits for those horses with conformations not served by the industry standards. If you are unsure of which tree width would be best for your horse or mule, we recommend you provide templates of your horse’s back – follow this link for more information on measuring your horses back! Horses with shorter backs benefit from the length of the normal Tucker saddle skirt which measures less than 24″. Our round skirt styles also benefit shorter backed horses.

We offer different tree sizes to fit for the comfort of your horse or mule:
Medium: For the horse with a defined wither and average build. The majority of horses are a Medium fit
Wide: For the horses that are broad or mutton withered, or foundation conformation
Extra wide: For drafts, draft crosses, or extremely wide foundation type horses
FB Medium
: For a flatter barrel, or slab sided, conformation typical in gaited horses
Mule: For mules with flat back conformation; available in medium or wide

Tucker Classic saddles are built on a fiberglass reinforced wood tree covered in DURAhide for strength.

Tucker Horizon saddles are built on the advanced Tri-Tech Fit System to help protect your horse’s back in three ways starting with the tree base that provides modest flexibility, the skirt includes a flexible panel which maximizes weight distribution to help eliminate pressure points for your horse, and a Gel-Cush™ bar pad lines the flexible panel- learn more here.

Tucker-Saddle-Fit-guide-2015.pdf (2804 downloads) to get our take on proper saddle fit

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