What seat size do I need?

Consider your height, weight, body type, and the type of saddle you are used to when choosing the right seat size for your riding needs. Our saddle seats typically fit a bit smaller than some saddles because of all the great Gel-Cush™. The Montreal Royal Trooper seat measures 17.5 and 19.5.

Due to the suspended seat and padding in Tucker saddles, the tree size measures larger than the seat size.  No horn saddles are 1” longer than the seat size, horned saddles are ½” larger than the seat size.  Example: The T60 is built on a 17” tree in order to create a 16.5” seat.

Seat sizing tip: a little extra room in the seat is recommended over a seat that’s too snug.

Click this link to view the Seat Sizing Guide: 2016-TuckerSeatSizingGuide-.jpg (2272 downloads)


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