What type of craftsmanship and materials are used when making a Tucker saddle?

For more than 35 years, we have been passionate about crafting saddles and riding equipment to enrich the experience of trail riders. Our products have contributed to thousands of hours of riding comfort for thousands of horses and their riders. When Bernice Ende says after riding over 20,000 miles in Tucker Saddles, “Nothing comes between me and my horse, but a Tucker Saddle” we consider it a privilege to share in this unique relationship between horse and rider.

The patented Gel-Cush™ shock absorbing seat is incorporated into every Tucker trail saddle so riders everywhere experience ultimate comfort for hours on the trail. We implement our years of research combined with our state-of-the art computer imaging to produce precision saddle trees that provide unrestricted movement and a comfortable fit for horses of all breeds. Our research has led us to develop extended fits for those horses with conformations not served by the industry standards. All of our saddles are designed based on thousands of hours of trail riding feedback from our loyal family of Tucker riders. We believe that you will agree with them that Tucker Trail Saddles are absolutely the most comfortable saddles available today. When hand crafting our saddles or tack we take no shortcuts with either craftsmanship or materials. Information on Quality & Craftsmanship! Most all Tucker products are still made in the USA.

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