What type of riggings are available on Tucker Saddles?

We offer several different styles of riggings on our saddles. Rigging selection is usually based on both previous riding preferences and future riding plans.

➡️ Use our TuckerTrailSaddles-RiggingGuide which shows the options and advantages of each rigging to help you decide
 Learn which Tucker Rigging will be best for me and my horse
⚠️ Use our Rigging instructions to learn how to properly secure your saddle >  Tucker_Rigging-Instructions-Complete2018.jpg (288 downloads)

In-skirt Western 
🏅 Trail rider favorite
🔹Most common rigging used on trail saddles
🔹Rear rigging dee hangs straight to allow for a rear flank cinch set to be used
🔹 In-skirt rigging reduces weight and bulk under the rider’s leg

In-skirt Enduro-Balance Single Tie
🔹 Offers the convenience of a front dee standard attachment and the front-to-rear balance ride attachment
🔹When using the front-to-rear design, this rigging offers a unique, extra secure fit which is great for rough terrain riding like extreme elevation changes or trail jumping
🔹Uses a Western-style girth
❌ Not recommended with 18.5″ seat size.

In-skirt Enduro-Balance Double Tie
🔹 Same as the Single Tie version of the Enduro-Balance Ride Rigging only using two separate billets to buckle to the girth
🔹 Uses an English-style girth with 1 ½″ buckles
🔹Great for the English crossover rider to use a girth you’re already comfortable with
❌ Not recommended with 18.5″ seat size

Adjustable Position In-skirt Rigging
🔹Eliminates bulk under the rider’s leg
🔹Allows the saddle to be rigged in the Full, ⅞ or ¾ position for a 3-in-1 rigging option
🔹Uses a Western-style girth

Balanced Ride English Billet Rigging
🔹Uses an English-style girth with 1″ buckles
🔹Billets are 1” wide and plenty long for ample adjustment
🔹Ideal for the English crossover rider

View our complete rigging page for more details

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