Proper saddle pad care will help it last and remain comfortable to your horse. With so many types of saddle pads, we’ll show you how to care for it based upon its material. Always make sure your pad is clean and free of debris, caked sweat, or dirt before putting it against your horse.

Wool Felt

Riders love wool felt because it breathes, dries quickly, absorbs shock, and conforms to the horse’s back.

What to do, and not do, if it really needs a cleaning:

✅ loosen matted areas with a curry comb and brush or vacuum
✅ let air dry laid as the pad is intended to sit – not folded backward
✅ it should dry quickly as wool is breathable and quick drying
❌ do not use soap – it may never come out and could irritate your horse’s skin
❌ do not put under heat in an effort to dry quicker
❌ do not take to a car wash and spray with soap or water

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Wool-Tec | Poly-Tec

Not only are these pads fluffy and comfortable against the horse, but also they are so easy to keep clean. Don’t be scared of the white – they are extremely resistant to dirt, sweat, and grime. The best part is the cleaning process – simply run through your washing machine.

What to do, and not do, if it really needs a cleaning:

✅ wash in the washing machine on the gentle cycle with non-irritating laundry detergent and skip the fabric softener
✅ let air dry
❌ do not use bleach

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Riders love these pads because they help the saddle stay put. Plus, they are super easy to clean.

What to do, and not do, if it really needs a cleaning:

✅ wipe off with a damp cloth
❌ do not use a large amount of soap – if you must you can spot clean but do not saturate with soapy water

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Not all pads are created equal. We’ve even seen pads with corn husks, paper filling, and organic material inside which houses sweat to eventually rot (we know because we’ve torn into them to find out). If your pad smells bad, is lumpy, or you’ve had it for 10+ years, it’s time to invest in a new good-quality pad. Your horse will thank you!



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