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We offer a variety of custom options, with a team of experts with the experience to get you the products you want. Please see below for specifics and policies. Please note that this information applies only to orders placed and fulfilled directly through this website, with fulfillment partner Saddle Showroom.

Custom Saddles

As all of our saddles are made in Yoakum, TX, we are able to offer many customizations on all of our saddles, almost any cosmetic change can be made to your request. Anything from changing the color of an existing saddle to bringing your favorite color to the seat inlay! We can add lettering, change fender length, add/change silver, and many other cosmetic issues. At this time changes to the trees are not available.

Contact us with any questions, or fill out this form if you're interested in placing an order.


Custom Tack

Any tack made in Yoakum, TX, can be customized to fit your horse or style. For tack made by our partners customizations may be limited or not available, please contact us about the specific item so we can check for you.

Our team is happy to help if you have any questions so please contact us, or if you're ready to order and need a quote please use the form below.


Custom Bits and Pads

Bits and pads made in Yoakum, TX can be custom ordered, however, there is a minimum order quantity of 6 per style. This means that if you would like to order a bit with a custom mouth size, there would be a requirement to order a minimum of 6 in that mouth size.

Please contact us for availability on this, or use the form below if you would like a quote to order.


Discontinued Items

Love an item that we no longer make? Our team will be happy to look at the item with you to see if we can produce it. Many discontinued items can be made or recreated by customizing current items. Please note that for saddles and older tack we may no longer have the exact tree or patterns, but our team and the master craftsmen will be happy to work with you to create the perfect item!

Please contact us with any questions, or if you need a quote and are ready to order please use the form below.


Order Process

Ordering a custom item is easy! Here's a quick outline of the process.

Step One

Select the item that you would like to have customized. We'll need the SKU or item name.

Step Two

Fill out our custom order form below.

Step Three

Once we're reviewed your form we'll contact you with the next steps. We may request additional information or photos at this time.

Step Four

After we've collected all of the information needed for your custom order we'll meet internally on your item to ensure that all teams understand your request.

Step Five

Following this review, we'll send you a link with your custom item and quote. This quote is valid for 30 days.

Step Six

Review your product and quote at your link, then add it to your cart and checkout. You can also add any other items to your cart that you would like to ship with your custom item at this time. Your order is then added to the queue for production.

Step Seven

Our teams will meet once again to ensure that all information is lined up for your item, and then production will begin. At this time any relevant charges per our policies below may be incurred, and your order will not be eligible for cancellation.

Step Eight

When your item is completed any remaining charges will be processed and your item will be sent to you!

Order Policies

Returns and Exchanges| Cancellations | Refunds | Deposits | Order Changes

Returns and Exchanges

Returns and exchanges are not accepted on custom orders at this time. If you are unhappy with your order for any reason please contact us and we'll be happy to review your order with you. This is due to the fact that each custom order is made specifically for you, so we are not able to restock them.

We have several steps in place during the order process to check in with you and make sure that we have your order information correct, to ensure that you get the item that you want.


There are no cancellations on custom items once production begins. Many custom items require custom patterns cut into the leather, custom tooling, or other such custom materials. For this reason, we do not allow cancellations.


For the same reason that we do not allow returns or exchanges, custom items are not eligible for refunds.

If you are unhappy with your item for any reason please contact us so that we can work with you to make things right.


All custom orders require you to complete checkout for the full amount of the order. This is only an authorization.

When production begins your order will be charged a nonrefundable deposit. On tack, bits, and pads this will be the full price of the custom item(s). For saddles, a 20% nonrefundable deposit is charged and the remainder is charged when the saddle is ready to ship.

For custom orders using our financing option, the full amount of the order will be charged when production begins and the first payment will be due within 30 days of production beginning.

Order Changes

Changes to custom orders after they are placed are based on availability and may incur additional charges or delay production. Please contact us to discuss any changes as soon as possible.

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