How do I read my serial number?

Looking for information on a saddle that you currently own or a used saddle that you are looking to buy or sell? We have historical information on saddles going back to 2006 available in this searchable archive. For additional information, or if your saddle doesn't come up in the search (older than 2006 or missing from the database) you can purchase an Authentication Certificate to have your saddle researched.

Please note that our phone, chat, and email representatives do not have any further information, beyond what is available on this page. For more information, you will need to purchase an Authentication Certificate. Authentication Certificates include information on the original value of the saddle, current estimated value, tree type, and original catalog information and photo, as well as the seat and tree size.

The first step to determine your saddle's information is determining the year. Please enter your model number here if your saddle is newer than 2006.



General Styles

Serial Plate/Stamp Years




2006 - Present




Before 1998



The easiest way to read a model number from 1998-2006 is to start by breaking down the number. The chart below has spaces for you to do so. Please note not all saddles will have the full 14 digits, formats varied.

Example: 021495384M

Place Year Model Seat Size Unique ID Tree Size
Space _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Example 02 149 5 384 M

 For details on the model number, we have Authentication Certificates available. Current models can be searched on our website, please note that depending on the year some values may have changed.

Seat Size Meaning
4 14.5"
5 15.5"
6 16.5"
7 17.5"
8 18.5"
3 Trooper Small
4 Trooper Medium

Tree Size Meaning
M Medium (SQHB)
W Wide (FQHB)
X Extra Wide

The unique identifier does not have an assigned meaning. Values outside of these charts must be researched with an Authentication Certificate.

Here, our example saddle is a 149 model, built in 2002. It has a 15.5" seat and medium tree.


Before 1998

These numbers vary greatly, for accurate information we recommend an Authentication Certificate. The format can be broken down as shown in the chart below, spaces have been left for you to copy the format.

Example: W187231

Place Style Month Year Unique ID
Space _ _ (_) _ _ _ _ _
Example W 1 87 231
Style Meaning
E Endurance
W Western
A* Australian*

Here, our example saddle is a Western saddle produced in January of 1987. The unique ID does not have an assigned meaning.


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