How should I care for my leather products?

The life of the leather depends upon the care you give it. Most saddles experience the rigors of the environment, and proper care is essential to prolong their life.

It is important to regularly clean your saddle and treat the leather with the best oils and leather conditioners available to you. Generally, we recommend cleaning the saddle lightly after use, and thoroughly every few months or if the leather appears dry.

If your saddle gets wet, including sweat, clean all leather parts that were exposed to moisture, let dry naturally, and oil.

Do not use artificial heat or direct sunlight to dry leather, this will burn it, and it may become brittle and lose its strength. Leather that has been burned through this process should no longer be used.

Another important aspect that will increase the life of your saddle is storage, properly storing your saddle in a climate controlled area will maintain the leather condition. Never store your saddle in plastic or an airtight container, the leather needs to breathe to stay supple and strong.

For thorough instructions, view our saddle care instructions.

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