Saddle and Tack Care

What is the difference between Tucker Classic and Tucker Horizon saddles?

The Tucker Trail Saddle Horizon series has the most advanced equine riding system available from the advanced saddle tree system to the ergonomic shock-absorbing seat. Read more for detailed information.

How should I polish the silver on my Circle Y tack?

Our pure silver is electroplated and has a protective finish to prevent tarnishing. We recommend cleaning only with a damp cloth. Abrasive or chemical cleaners could result in the removal of the protective finish, which can cause severe damage or tarnishing. Within normal use, saddle silver may be subject to scratches that allow tarnishing. Use a dry, soft cloth to buff away any tarnish.

How should I care for my leather products?

The life of the leather depends upon the care you give it. Most saddles experience the rigors of the environment, and proper care is essential to prolong their life. It is important to regularly clean your saddle and treat the leather with the best oils and leather conditioners available to you. After you ride, or if your saddle gets wet, clean all leather parts that were exposed to sweat and moisture, let dry naturally, and oil. Do not use artificial heat or direct sunlight to dry leather, this will burn it, and it may become brittle and lose its strength. Leather that has been burned through this process should no longer be used.

Do you offer saddle repairs?

Yes, we offer saddle and tack repair and cleaning exclusively on our products. For repairs on Circle Y, High Horse, Tucker Saddlery, or Reinsman Equestrian products please contact or 800-531-3600.

Please have your item number, photos of any damage, and saddle serial number available.

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