What seat size do I need?

Tucker Saddles Seats

Seat size is highly subjective and depends on your height, weight, body type, type of saddle, riding discipline, and personal preference. We always recommend a little extra room in the seat over a seat that’s too snug.

Our saddle seats typically fit a bit smaller than some saddles because of all the great Gel-Cush™ padding, so we always recommend going up at least 1/2".

Even though our tree sizes measure larger than our seat sizes, we use that room to give you ultimate trail comfort with a suspended ground seat and a lot of high-quality padding. Our endurance models, those without horns, measure 1” longer than the seat size, while horned saddles are 1/2" larger than the seat size. For example, the T60 High Plains is built on a 17” tree in order to create a 16.5” seat.

We measure our saddle seats like typical Western saddles, from the base of the horn straight back to the center of the rim of the cantle. The Trooper and Montreal saddles are measured from the back of the cutback in the seat front to the back of the seat seam.

Use our Tucker Seat Sizing Guide to help you select your ideal seat size. First, choose which icon best describes your body type, then match your height, weight, and the cantle height of your saddle for which seat size best suits you. This is a recommendation, if you prefer a more open or snug seat that's perfectly okay!



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