Meet Tucker’s Newest Trail Rider: Gillian Larson

We’re thrilled to introduce our newest Tucker Trail Rider!

Meet Gillian Larson – the youngest woman to ever solo thru-ride the Pacific Crest Trail. She has twice completed the 2,650 miles of the PCT alone on horseback with the same AQHA mare, Shyla. She continues to seek equestrian wilderness adventures throughout the U.S. in her Tucker saddle.

Larson set out April 16, 2018, on her third ride from Mexico to Canada. She completed it September 14, 2018.

“After 5 months, 2,800 miles, hundreds and hundreds of fallen trees, snowfields in Colorado, 3 broken down vehicles, 2 flat tires, 1 impounded rig, 3 lost horseshoes, 1 case of food poisoning, and some snow and rain at the end, we completed our third ride across the country.

This was my third Mexico-to-Canada ride, and it was definitely the most enjoyable for my horses entirely because they had zero back issues thanks to their Tucker saddles. I am very happy and proud to be riding these long-distance trails in a Tucker saddle.”

“Wherever my horse and I go, Tucker takes me there!” – Gillian

Gillian used two saddles during her travels on her two Quarter horses: the Horizon Outpost and the Classic T59 Endurance.

You can see Gillian’s latest trail thru-ride and follow her blog at or follow her @thru-rider feed on Instagram.

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