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  • #0242-1300 ErgoBalance™ Hooded Trail Glide™ Stirrups – NATURAL COLOR

    ErgoBalance™ design; same as the 240 Standard Trail Glides™ but with leather hoods. Natural color with neck size: 1 ½”. Back of the base to front of hood inside: 7 ½”

    The ErgoBalance™ Stirrup helps keep rider’s foot flat in the stirrup; the large end of the cone goes towards the horse.

  • #9361–
    S 72” – T936172
    M 75” – T936175
    L 78” – T936178
    XL 81” – T936181
    XXL 84” – T936184

    Soft trim around the neck and legs is comfortable to the horse. Fleece trim at the wither area to alleviate chafing.  Adjustable straps at
    the neck, belly, and hind legs to secure the sheet. Elastic straps at the hind legs move with the horse.  Durable, lightweight PVC mesh fabric provides sensitive skin protection from the sun, dust, dirt, and insects.

    All Reinsman accessories are designed with the highest-quality materials to be reliable, long-lasting, and provide the horse the best protection possible.


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