At Tucker Trail Saddles, we believe proper saddle fit and comfort for the horse or mule is the first priority. We offer a variety of tree fits for your trotting, gaited, foundation, or draft horse and mule. We use the back tracings to evaluate which tree will fit best so the accuracy of the measurements is imperative. Let’s get started!




First, you’ll want to get a “flexible curve”. This measuring tool is easily found in an office or art supply store. It should be at least 18” long. If you can’t find a flexible curve anything that is at least 18″ long that will bend and hold its shape will work.

Each tracing must be on its own piece of paper, they cannot overlap. These are cut out and placed into a template, so make sure to use a sturdy material, like poster board.

For each of these tracings, make sure that your horse is looking straight ahead, and in a relaxed position. If your horse is grazing, turned, or moving the tracings may not be accurate.

When you have pressed the flexible curve onto your horse’s back, and it looks to be in contact from end to end you will carefully remove the flexible curve so the shape doesn’t change, and trace it onto your paper, like Photo C. Mark left and right on each tracing.

Please include the following content in your shipment:

  1. Tracing 1: Behind the shoulder blade. See Photo A as a reference for this position.
  2. Tracing 2: 7” back from the first measurement.
  3. Tracing 3: 15” behind where the first measurement was taken.
  4. Tracing 4: Lengthways on your horse’s back, from the withers to the croup, as shown in Photo B.
  5. Photos of your horse, with his head in a natural up position, and from both sides without a saddle. You may also include photos with a saddle, but we need to see your horse’s back without a saddle to make a recommendation.
  6. This form filled out as much as possible. The more information we have the more accurate our recommendation.

You will then send this package to:

Tucker Saddlery,

P.O. Box 797,

Yoakum, Texas 77995

We know you’re eager to get an answer, please look for a phone call or email with the tree recommendation within 1-3 weeks after we receive the tracings. Our Saddle Fit Technicians contact you as soon as possible.

We are not able to evaluate emailed tracings, as scanning or photographing the tracings can lead to distortions in sizing. With trees as little as 1/4″ apart it’s important that we have the most accurate tracings possible, so we require hard copies mailed to us.

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