Ugh…the sound of your ride is interrupted with an annoying squeak from your saddle’s leather. What’s the magic trick to quiet a squeaky saddle? First, take a look at your saddle. 

What is the condition of the leather? Is it dry or supple and soft?

If it’s dry, give your saddle a thorough cleaning followed by a quality leather conditioner – we like Doc Tucker’s. After you do that, simply riding your saddle will help the leather to soften and lose the squeak.

If your saddle is clean and oiled but still squeaky, try this tip:

✅ Use baby powder – any brand is fine

  1. Start with a clean, thoroughly dry saddle and turn it upside down.
  2. Sprinkle a small amount of baby powder between the fenders and the skirts, as well between the undersides of the fenders and seat jockeys.
  3. Turn the saddle over so it’s right side-up.
  4. Shake the saddle to get rid of any excess powder and use a soft cloth to wipe it down.
  5. The powder will reduce friction which is often the cause of the creaking and squeaking.

The fine print: use baby powder sparingly because it’s drying to the leather.

Over the years we’ve heard some pretty tall tales from well-meaning folks about saddle care. Here’s our favorite about what NOT to do in an effort to quiet your saddle:

🚫 Do NOT submerge your saddle in a pond or tank

Learn tips about how to keep your saddle in top condition.