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TEMP Control Wool Trail Round Pad

TEMP Control Wool Trail Round Pad


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Tucker’s Temp Control Wool Pads are made of material constructed from all nonporous synthetic fibers making it ideal for wicking away moisture while promoting free flowing natural drainage. This allows a horse to be more comfortable – cooler, drier and happier. Welcome to the next level of horse comfort!

  • Decreases moisture
  • Deceptively durable
  • Machine Washable
  • 34″ D x 30″ L


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The Temp Control Wool pad is a blend of our Poly-Tec fiber and natural wool fleece.  This gives the horse and rider the benefits of both.

Poly-Tec is a unique fiber specially designed by Tucker Saddles for this application. The individual Poly-Tec fibers were thoroughly designed to incorporate a spring-like function.  It’s this feature that allows them to rebound over and over from the constant shift and weight transfer occurring between horse and rider.  The life expectancy of these fibers is longer than that of natural wool fibers and the density of the fibers was precisely selected to prevent the compaction you would see in a typical wool fiber pad.

Our Temp Control Wool is a blend of Poly-Tec and natural wool fleece.  Wool fleece is the only material in the world naturally grown by mammals to regulate their own body temperature in all weather and climates.  The fiber works in manufactured products much like it works for the sheep.  It decreases moisture on the inside by transferring it to the outside away from the animal where it can be evaporated.  In saddle pads, this movement creates airflow and lowers humidity, promoting hours of cool comfortable riding.  It auto-regulates to an individual body temperature and is extremely resistant to dirt, sweat, and grime.  When natural wool fiber is combined with Poly-Tec as we have, you enjoy all the wonder of real wool with the relentless spring and longevity of synthetic fibers.


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