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179 Horizon Outpost

179 Horizon Outpost


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Uncompromising comfort with the convenience of no horn is the perfect solution for a trail rider. Navigate rough terrain without worry your saddle will slip – simply engage the optional angled rear dee to conveniently secure the saddle. Confidently ride the extra miles knowing your horse is experiencing the same unparalleled comfort because of the advanced tri tech fit tree system. Tender areas are protected with the ergonomic shock absorbing seat, and the English Bridle leather construction is luxuriously soft and naturally moisture resistant.

Long days and sore joints in the saddle have met their match! After a long ride, an ordinary saddle leaves your joints hurting, your back sore, and soft areas tender. Tucker Trail Saddles are known all over the world for their incredible comfort which is second to none. A Tucker Horizon series trail saddle will give you an entirely different riding experience. From the advanced saddle tree system to the ergonomic shock absorbing seat, experience the most advanced equine riding system available. It’s more than another trail saddle – it’s the Horizon series by Tucker.

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Color: Brown, Black English Bridle Leather

Brown and Black saddles come with a black seat

Seat Sizes: 15 ½”, 16 ½”, 17 ½”, 18 ½”

Tree: Medium, Wide

Cantle: 3 1/2”

Swell: 10” • Weight: 25 lbs.

Skirt: 26” Round • Tooling: Tooled

Hardware: Chrome with engraved Tucker logo conchos and rings

Rigging: In-skirt Western with choice of Western, Enduro-Balance Single, Double, or Buckle Tie rear dee and Leather Latigos

Trail Fenders

Tri-tech fit system
• Designed to provide hours of riding comfort for your horse
• The base provides modest flexibility to accommodate conformational variances in a horse’s back
• The skirt includes a flexible panel which maximizes weight distribution to help eliminate pressure points for the horse
• The flexible panel has a finger design which allows it to flex independent of the tree for a truly dynamic fit
• Gel-Cush™ bar pad lines the flexible panel to enhance comfort and

Ergonomic Shock Absorbing Seat
(patent number 6,434,916)
• Our redesigned shock absorbing ground seat is contoured to provide a close contact riding experience while reducing impact
• Sculptured cushion design features an ergonomic relief channel that helps eliminate pressure
• Silicone matrix is paired with patented Gel-Cush™ to provide a more comfortable ride while eliminating pressure points in tender areas
• The latest in Gel-Cush™ shock absorbing technology

English Bridle Leather
• Exceptional quality and naturally resists moisture and the elements
• Dye will not run or rub off
• Luxurious supple feel from the first time that you use it
• Hand crafted with detail to the finest craftsmanship
• Accented with functional trim and stainless steel decorative hardware

Your horse’s comfort is just as important as your own, so the Horizon is available in all of two tree fits. These are our general guidelines, and you can learn more with our Saddle Fitting Guide.
Medium: fits most horses that are of average build with a defined wither
Wide: fits most horses with a round, or mutton wither, and of foundation build

If you’re still not sure, send us back measurements and we’ll provide an expert tree fit recommendation for free!

For more information on saddle rigging view our Complete Guide to Saddle Rigging.

Tucker saddles are offered in half sizes because of the luxurious seat padding. Use our Seat Sizing Guide to help you determine your ideal seat size.

Additional information

Saddle Weight

25 lbs.

Tree Warranty

10 years

Tree Type

Fiberglass Reinforced-DURAhide ™ Covered

Cantle Height

3 1/2"

Swell Width




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  1. cysaddlesinc

    On my recent long-distance wilderness trip along the Continental Divide Trail from the Mexican border to the Canadian border, I rode exclusively in Tucker saddles. For my main riding horse, I used a Horizon Outpost, and when I gave her a day off and rode my pack horse on a section instead, I used a T59. Both saddles distributed weight well across the horses’ backs, and the problem that is often the biggest challenge for me (a fit that is too tight across the withers, resulting in rubbing and hair loss after many high mileage days) was never an issue with either the Outpost or the T59. The saddles performed flawlessly, and the horses and I felt comfortable every day of this arduous journey.

    I cannot say enough good things about the Horizon Outpost. I have now logged thousands of miles with it, and my Quarter Horse mare is 20 years old, yet she was able to maintain a good topline throughout the ride. We did up to 40 miles a day and she never had a sore back or any other issues caused by the saddle; even when I loaded up the front and back saddlebags with another 30lbs or so if we were camping overnight without the pack horse, the saddle handled the additional weight without creating pressure points. After a couple years of trying different saddles and pads with her, I thought it might be impossible to ride the kinds of miles that I do without some resulting stiffness or tenderness, but I am glad I kept looking for a solution as I finally found it with my Tucker Outpost. I don’t have to saddle shop anymore!

    Aesthetically, the Tucker saddle is my personal favorite. I like the cut of the saddle and how comfortable it is. It keeps my legs under me, which helps my own comfort and prevents me from developing stiff joints after spending all day in the saddle. I don’t know if this most recent ride from Mexico to Canada would have been possible without my Tucker saddles, especially after having completed other rides with saddle problems which left my horses sensitive to any discomfort, so that it was getting harder to keep them feeling good.

    This was my third Mexico-to-Canada ride, and it was definitely the most enjoyable for my horses entirely because they had zero back issues thanks to their Tucker saddles. I am very happy and proud to be riding these long-distance trails in a Tucker saddle.

    Gillian Larson, long-Rider who recently completed her third ride from the Mexican border to the Canadian border through the most remote and wild places in the US.

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