Beginner’s Guide to Saddle Fit
At Tucker, we believe achieving proper saddle fit is the first step to an enjoyable ride. Our Beginner’s Guide to Saddle Fit will get you on your way to understanding and deciding if you have a saddle fit issue. Read more






Which Saddle Rigging Should I Choose?
How do you know which Tucker saddle rigging will work best for you and your horse? We’ll explain each one so you can easily decide. Rigging selection is usually based on both previous riding preferences and future riding plans. Read more




Solve the Most Common Conformation Issues
Sometimes your horse’s back isn’t the ideal shape. It’s problematic because no matter what type of saddle you’re riding, the tree can’t function as it was intended which is to distribute the rider’s weight down the length of the bars instead of all the pressure on the ends. Good news is these issues are easy to solve! Read more





Cinch Up In Comfort
Cinching up should be an easy process for you and your horse. Here are a few tips to help your horse.
TIP: Use leather latigos with a synthetic cinch for lung expansion
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Proper Attachment of the Flank Cinch
When you use a rear flank cinch to secure the rear of your trail saddle, it should be snug (not tight) against the horse. A rule of thumb is to be able to slip two fingers between the flank and the horse at the apex of the belly.  Read More


How to Care for Your Saddle Pad
Proper saddle pad care will help it last and remain comfortable to your horse. With so many types of saddle pads, we’ll show you how to care for it based upon its material. Always make sure your pad is clean and free of debris, caked sweat, or dirt before putting it against your horse. Read more




Quiet a Squeaky Saddle
Ugh…the sound of your ride is interrupted with an annoying squeak from your saddle’s leather. What’s the magic trick to quiet a squeaky saddle? First, take a look at your saddle. Read more




A Tucker Is Ideal For a Short Backed Horse
A short back is often typical in a gaited horse, but we’ve seen this conformation in plenty of trotting breeds too. That’s why most Tucker skirts are less than 25″. A short saddle skirt benefits all types of horses – and their riders because that means less weight too. Read more






Overcome Problems that Stop Your Ride
If you’ve had months out of the saddle, use our pro tips to help ensure you and your horse are comfortable for the miles ahead. Read more