A short back is often typical in a gaited horse, but we’ve seen this conformation in plenty of trotting breeds too. That’s why most Tucker skirts are less than 25″ with the High Plains at 24″ and the Endurance and River Plantation at 23″ – these measurements were taken on a 16 1/2″ seat size. The larger the seat size, the tree bar lengthens so there is adequate rider weight distribution.  A short saddle skirt benefits all types of horses – and their riders because that means less weight too.

T60 High Plains has a skirt length of 24″ in a 15.5 and 16.5″ seat size

T59 Endurance has a 23″ skirt length in a 15.5″ and 16.5 seat size

T46 River Plantation has 23″ skirt length in a 15.5″ and 16.5 seat size













Our years of research combined with our state-of-the art computer imaging have allowed us to produce precision saddle trees that provide unrestricted movement and a comfortable fit for horses of all breeds. This research contributes to crafting trees that are short as possible to fit short backed horses well and properly distribute the rider’s weight. Our research has led us to develop extended fits for those horses with conformations not served by the industry standards in two tree models – Classics and Horizons. Within these tree models, there are several fits for your horse or mule. A Tucker saddle is a perfect match for you and your horse!